Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sohrab’s Mother Sends New Year Message

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Visiting the graves of loved ones on the last Thursday of the [Iranian] year is considered by us as a national and religious responsibility, and it demonstrates our closeness to those we have lost. I regret that I am not in Tehran to perform this duty. Our dear slain children are not next to us on the [Iranian] New Year’s eve, but their memories shall live forever. I hope that those prisoners whose empty place is felt strongly by their families are released and returned to the arms of their loved ones. As a mother with an aching heart, I take refuge in God’s grace. What crime did our children commit that they should be subject to such injustice?

Our youth only demanded to have the same rights every human being is entitled to. Once again, as a mother, I wish peace, freedom, joy, and health upon everyone. My son wanted the same thing, but he was….Student activist Sohrab Arabi, 19, was killed at Evin prison due to severe torture. His death was announced to his mother on July 11, after 26 days of frustration. He became one of the symbols of the Green Movement. Sohrab was detained on June 15 during 2009 presidential election unrest.