Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dorsa Sobhani Prohibited from Visitation

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Committee of Human Rights Reporters /

Committee of Human Rights Reporters - Dorsa Sobhani’s family is prohibited from visiting their detained daughter in the days leading to Norooz, the Persian New Year. Dorsa’s lawyer’s visit to the judiciary has proven ineffective, as authorities have prohibited visitation even to her lawyer. In the previous days, Dorsa’s family have written several letters to the Tehran Prosecutor, the Article 90 Commission, and the Judiciary Commission of National Security, requesting much more investigation into Dorsa’s case.

It is reported that authorities at the Revolutionary Court have refrained from redirecting the inquiries to the head of the judiciary, and have insisted that the efforts of Dorsa’s family are ineffective. The reasons behind Dorsa’s arrest are still unknown. Dorsa Sobhani, the 20 year old member of the One Million Signatures Campaign and activist for educational rights was arrested on March 8, 2010 during an assault on her home by 12 security agents. On the evening of March 2nd her father’s house was raided and her personal belongings were confiscated. March 2, 2010 marks a day of widespread assaults and arrests for a large number of civil and human rights activists in various cities across Iran. Translation by: Xan I. |