Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Iranian Women’s News in the Past Weeks

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Feminist School

A women’s rights activist and a member of campaign for one million signatures, in Isfahan was arrested from her home. Her lawyer confirms that: Mehrnoush Etemadi was arrested illegally and without a summons or arrest warrant. There is no clear information as to what she is charged with, but according to the intelligence officials, her activities for the campaign is the reason of her arrest and it has to be noted that her personal belongings were confiscated by the officials. An activist, who had been arrested on November 4th in Isfahan, was released on bail by the amount of $50,000 after being arrest for 3 weeks, his physical and mental situation are described as well. November 17th- Neda Eskandari , studing political science and Khadijeh Ghahramani , studying agriculture who had gone to the disciplinary committee to follow up on their charges, they were arrested by intelligence officials and were both band from attending two semesters and also from using any of the facilities or services. It has to be noted strongly about the cooperation of Shiraz University and intelligence services. There is no information about their situation or their whereabouts. Some more students from Shiraz University were summoned or arrested on November 4th demonstration. Shabnam the imprisoned students for the last 20 days has been having palpitations and her mental health is a cause for concern. She is very young and according to her family, she has no record of such illnesses. Shabnam has been to the prison hospital a few times and she has been told that their X-ray machine for angiogram is faulty.

One of the women prison wardens known as Ghafari has told Shabnam: We did not bring you here to save you; we brought you here to torture you to death! The reports from prisons states that, since women political prisoners have been moved to the general ward all of them have been having heart problems or cases such Mahsa Naderi who has began to have migraines. Most women prisoners have been banned from having visitors in comparison to the normal and dangerous prisoners have weekly visits. Mahdiyeh Minavi , Ashkan Mojallali and Iman Mirabzadeh were released. Ashkan Mojallali , member of youth’s branch of participation front and Mahdiyeh Minavi , member of women’s branch of Participation front and Iman Mirabzadeh were released. They were all arrested in the Komeil praying ceremony. Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh two Christian prisoners were released on 18th of November, after being in prison for 259 days. The two women were arrested in their home on March 6th 2009 and then transferred to Evin prison. Their court case was held on August 9th while the public prosecutor recommended the charge of "apostate" in the court session the judge asked them to deny their beliefs in writing and verbally. Sima Didar, and her husband Alireza Farshi were sentenced at the branch no. 3 of Tabriz revolutionary court in Tabriz, to one year of imprisonment, the court accused them of propaganda against the state by shouting slogans in the demonstrations which happened on May 22nd and sending news to websites. Alireza Farshi, university professor and a civil activist in Azerbaijan, was arrested during a demonstration in Tabriz with his wife protesting for the right to practice Azeri language. (Read more...)