Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About to Explode

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Once again I talked to my contact in Iran today after a very long time. Didn't get to talk much for long but the few details my friend managed to tell me over the phone was very interesting. Here are some:

1- People are angry with the current regime and are tired of it. They'd like to see it fall. Those who did not wish for a regime change 7-8 months ago, now openly ask for it.
2- Situation is very explosive in most university campuses. It might erupt any moment.
3- People from small towns and villages seem to be dissatisfied with the government too. It's a myth that Ahmadinejad enjoys support of the poor. The poor have got poorer in the past 4-5 years.
4- People in the streets of Tehran feel Obama (Americans government) has cut a deal with the revolutionary guards and has left people to be slaughtered by the regime. International isolation of this regime is of utmost important, I am told.
5- People fear the regime is inviting an attack upon itself to be able to kill and jail as many people as it can as a war time measure. It can be said that the regime fears its own citizen more than anything else at this point. Young people think there is a chance for this 'GREEN' movement to prevail in toppling the regime before June 2010.