Monday, November 23, 2009

The Eyes of the Villagers Are on You!

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Written by the Irandokht Delagah
(Aryan Daughter, the Aware Hearted)

Translated & Edited by Dr. Ramin Etebar

Honorable President of the State of America,
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!

I am writing you from the eastern sector of the planet earth; from the historical orient, where the colors of the streets are like red flowers from the blood of its youth; from a land that cry of the innocent & freedom seeking youth has forced the prison walls to weep! From a land that as easy as drinking a glass of water, you can hang a human being and dry his spring fountain of life, from a land that even you refuse to mention the names of its the victims opposed to its government. Even your cohorts are frightened to mention them! From the land of Neda Agha-Sultan; from Iran!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
For many years, some but not all of your friends in the western countries, under influence of lobbyist of the Iranian government thought that the Iranian people did not oppose and had no problems with this medieval cruel regime and hence It is better that America and all of its western allies befriend this murderous regime and sit in a negotiation table with its representatives. Neglecting the fact, the creed and unaware of the Iranian peoples’ desire for freedom to live under the canopy of free secular rule like the majority of the civilized world. Instead of supporting the people, the westerners keep supply the regime with equipment and precious gifts of technology to suppress the people further preventing the Iranians to throw this regime in the dungeons of history.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
I do no not want to page back the history and mention the role and impact of previous governments of your country on the Iranian nation, preventing them from the freedom they want & deserve. These days as if no one does listens to historical topics and eyes are watching the entertainment products presented as news. But, I must talk about the government that you are so eager to save and negotiate with its representatives on the same table. Allow me not to express this horrific nightmare that the most distinguished person leading the most democratic country in the world wishes to sit in negotiation with "Seyed Ali Khamenei, the century’s worst criminal! Even expression of this desire from you shames me! Even your correspondence with him and other leadership members of this regime of terror and killing produces an ugly imagination and thoughts, because a man in your position knows the facts about Iran and your and awareness of the affairs gives another meaning to your desired negotiations.
Mr. President, You are aware of the criminal activity, corruption & murders by Islamic Republic of Iran. The most precise statistical reports of the world are on your desk. That is of course if they are not covered by the regime’s elements and their lobbyist correspondences!

Mr. Obama!
You know well that this regime lacks the ability to enrich uranium and build nuclear bomb. We are unable to Produce a mixer or a coffee maker, let alone a nuclear bomb.
Although we know that some countries, for what ever reason have sold some tools, materials & nuclear technology to Iran that has your allies nervous. You know that Uranium enrichment, making nuclear weapons and negotiations to end that is an excuse by the Mullahs & Iranian Revolutionary Guards to obtain "security guarantee" for the survival of this medieval regime. The same “security guarantee" that your government gave this regime 30 years ago and and kept millions of Iranians in the sinkhole of misery!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
Reports from your secret intelligence organizations must have shown you and your colleagues that Iranian people not only today, but for many, many years have turned their back on this regime and if it was not for that same “security guarantee" and American support, the Iranians would have gotten rid of the Mullah regime long ago! You know well that the Iranian people can not get their cries for freedom to be heard well enough throughout the world. The same cries that are strangled in the throat by thousand different means. Do you know what suffocation, censorship and living under suppression mean? I am sure, you do not, nor have you ever experienced it.

White skinned, though you have not, but I have never read a historical book that when
conglomeration of black slaves (male & female) took place, they would be arrested (even during the worst circumstances),I am talking about occasions such as getting together of cousins, in-laws, strolling of a boy with a girl, a wedding or a party in your huts. But sexual intermix is a crime in Iran & you will be taken to jail, whipped & fined!

Mr. President,
You know well how many millions of good Iranians have left our country and have the desire to repatriate with their homeland. This multi-millions’ sin is disagreement with a theocratic dictatorship. But the government even does not allow burial of their dead corpses and if possible will even take their relatives hostage. In the old times, Could not you, if financially possible bury a black slave in his native soil?

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
I never read any black person to be jailed, tortured or killed for listening to a radio. May be possession of a radio was a contra band in Hitler’s concentration camp, but apparently the Nazis are not ruling here, but I am sure you do not intent to negotiate with Hitler! In this country, listening to the non-government radio and watching unauthorized television is a crime. Although in my land, the brave people of Iran buy the risk of truthful news by paying with their life, torture & imprisonment! Suppose that years ago there was no satellite TV or Radio, but it exists today, but never an American black has gone to prison for this charge & if it has happened we don’t know about it. So without a doubt I am sure that you can sympathize with our heavy pain in this 3rd millennium! The internet world that has its own place! Does anyone in your country is ready to spent half of an hour for a web page to open and then go to jail for reading an unauthorized news web site? If that was the case in America, wouldn’t people take on to the streets to close the file on the government responsible for these circumstances? But when we object we face the precious gift of technology from the western friends such as tear gas, pepper spray, Electric Batons (cattle prods), small & large weapons.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
You should know through your intelligence apparatus that under the umbrella of black religious government, the Internet can become a cause of death. Leaders of this regime can bring down the speed of internet to a crawling speed and limit it so that you can not even read your relatives’ e-mails. They can convict you to death for communicating with an anti-government web site. Despite all these the youngsters pay the price so that the world knows the atrocities that the regime commits against its people. The same regime that you want to negotiate with!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
You the democrat, the leader of the free world, with what kind of government, do you want to negotiate? This pen, these writings does not want to accuse you of being responsible for the atrocities committed against the Iranian people in the last 30 years, but without a doubt, you are now carrying responsibility in what is going on right now in Iran! You with your correspondence Seyed Ali Khamenei, are showing that even though you are not approving their actions, you are not really opposing it neither! This is not a small sin given the innocent blood in the streets of Iran and hurting the conscience of citizens of the world! The Iranians are asking themselves that why an advocate of freedom and democracy, having the title of the United States President must extend a hand of friendship or tolerance to a anti-human slaughterhouse government? The Iranian nation is neither asking you for military intervention nor has its eyes to the way expecting shipments of weapons & ammunition to overthrow the regime, However we do not expect to read you letters to Khamenei or hear your supplicatory speeches Did you hear the slogans of 13th of Aban (November 4th 2009) There was no death to America slogan, how ever there was this rhyme: Barack Hussein Obama! Yaa baa onhaa-Yaa baa Maa Meaning Barack Hussein Obama you are either with us (the people) or with them (the clergy)!
People are giving you a choice to take side with them or this hellish Islamic government, Which side have you chosen?

President George W. Bush has said that if Iranians rise against their atrocious government, the US government will stand behind them. Now, it is your turn, the ears of the Iranians are full of this rhetoric. You can and it is just and appropriate for you to stand behind the people who are fighting for their freedom, not only in words, but in action proving that you are prodemocracy and freedom.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama!
Stop behind the scene support and dialogue. Implement hard core sanctions against the regime officials and their cronies; prevent them from traveling to America, freeze their assets and stop their economic activities, express support for the Iranian people. Shut all the doors on the regime officials, isolate them from internet & satellite as they have done this to us for the past 30 years.

Mr. President,
With the advent of the information super highways; the world has turned into a small village. All the events and the deeds are right in front of the world’s eyes. The villagers are watching the Iranians and the Iranians eyes are focused on your decision. Please; step aside from the Iranian regime, the history is watching you!


Winston said...

Well said... Obama is aiding the Mullahs and preventing Iranians from achieving liberty and democracy