Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Several Members of Teachers Union Arrested

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

Security forces arrested 12 members of the teachers union yesterday (Tuesday). The teachers had planned to gather at the house of Ali Akbar Baghbani, the secretary general of the teachers union, on the occasion of World Teachers Day but were all arrested before the meeting took place.

The teachers’ unit of HRA was told by a reliable source that the meeting was planned to discuss matters related to World Teachers Day as well as the condition of the teachers who are currently detained. All of the members of the union were arrested before reaching the meeting and were taken to an unknown location. The teachers’ union holds weekly meetings every Tuesday and had not previously been prevented from holding its meetings. The source also warned of the possibility of more arrests to come but did not mention any names.

The names of the 12 arrested teachers are as follows:

1-Alireza Javadi / 2-Ali Akbar Baghbani / 3-Mahmood Beheshti Langaroodi / 4-Mahmood Dehghan Azad / 5-Esmail Abdi / 6-Mahdieh Bohlooli / 7-Nicknejad / 8-Khatoon Badbar / 9-Mojtaba Ghorayshian / 10-Abbas Moarefi / 11-Mohammad Noori / 12-Javadpoor