Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Possible Execution for Akram Mahdavi Next Sunday

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

The family of the victim has been notified by the criminal tribunal that Akram Mahdavi will be executed on Sunday.

HRA – The prisoners’ rights unit of HRA reports that the criminal tribunal of Tehran has notified the family of the victim to be present in Evin at 3 AM next Sunday to witness the execution. The defense lawyer, Mina Jafari, has not been notified of the execution order. After inquiries were made by Jafari, the judge in charge of executing the court’s ruling denied claims made by the victim’s family about the upcoming execution.

There have been cases in the past where the judiciary had ordered executions without advanced notice; therefore, it is feared that Mahdavi’s execution could take place next week. Akram Mahdavi was arrested in 2003 and was charged with killing her 74 year old husband. She has been in prison for four years.