Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riots Break Out in Karaj’s Rajai-Shahr Prison

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

Ward 1 of the Rajai-Shar prison in Karaj was the scene of clashes between the prison guards and inmates last night. A state of emergency was declared inside the prison. HRA- The prisoners’ rights unit of HRA reports that last night at about 5.30 pm, several prisoners in the solitary section (known as suite) of ward 1, clashed with prison guards who were distributing prisoners’ meals. The prisoners then unlocked the doors of other cells and were joined by other inmates. Together their number reached 40 and a riot broke out. The group proceeded to the public sections of the ward where hundreds of other inmates joined them.

Prison officials declared a state of emergency, cut off the phone lines and sealed all the entrances to the section where the riot was taking place. They even denied exit to the prisoners who were previously scheduled to go to prison’s clinic. It has been reported that the head of the IR Prisons Authority has gone to the scene of riot along with a delegation. The riot which remained confined to the aforementioned ward finally ended at 9.30 pm after 4 hours of clashes between prison guards and about 600 inmates. Several prisoners have been wounded and several others have been detained. There are still no reports on the number of possible casualties but phone facilities have become available to inmates since this morning. The prisoners are also allowed to move inside the ward. We would like to remind that more than 60 political prisoners from across Iran are also detained at Rajai-Shahr prison.