Tuesday, October 27, 2009

50 Arrested, Several Wounded During Labor Protests

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

The fourth day of Looleh-Chodani (Cast Iron Pipe) Factory workers’ protest turned violent when security forces intervened. Several workers have been arrested. HRA- The workers unit of HRA reports that in a fourth day of protests, Looleh-Chodani workers took to the streets of downtown Ahvaz. The workers who were asking for their unpaid wages gathered and marched on the Talaghani and Simetri streets in downtown Ahvaz. Security forces who for the most part had the demonstrators under their watch in previous days, this time ordered the workers to disperse. When Looleh-Chodani workers refused to leave, security forces then attacked the crowd of demonstrators. During the violent attack several workers were wounded and at least 50 demonstrators were arrested. The fate of the arrested Looleh-Chodani workers remains unknown.