Sunday, March 7, 2010

Science Minister Threatens Professors with Expulsion

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Fars News Agency¹: Kamran Daneshjoo, the minister of Science, Research and Technology, referring to the principle of Velayat (Submission to the guardianship of religious leader ) as the legacy of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the necessity of university students and staff conforming to this important principle, said: “Any professor or student who cannot or does not want to conform to the loud message people sent on December 30th and February 11th [in pro-government rallies], has to quit”. Daneshjoo was attending the meeting with the members of Academic Councils, University’s directors, and Basiji professors of Northern provinces (Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan) which was held [on March 4, 2010] in National Conference on Efficient Consumption Models in the town of Behshahr. Daneshjoo stated:”We need professors who like students from the bottom of their hearts, and who do not look at students as an army, political party, or soldiers, but as their own children. We do not give concessions to anyone”.

He added: “We demand expertise on highest level intertwined with religiosity, and for those who think we do not have enough of such experts, we will bring ‘committed experts’² to the university so that the few who think they are the special ones, know their place”. The minister added: “The person who reaches the level of [spiritual] perfection is wearing armour, which is submission to Velayat, and no arrow can hurt the person who bears it. He then directed his speech at university presidents and said: “The presidents of universities do not have the right to recruit individuals who do not abide by the Constitution, and if they do so, they will face legal consequences”.

¹ Pro-regime news agency with strong ties to Revolutionary Guards.
² Committed Experts: a term coined in early 80’s to refer to experts who are committed to the revolution and its leaders