Monday, March 15, 2010

Identify and Prosecute My Son’s Murderers

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Rooz Online English /

The first day of the trial over the Kahrizak detention facility lawsuit was held yesterday behind closed doors while the real perpetrators of the crimes at the facility continue to hold their posts in the government, military and the judiciary. Meanwhile family members of Ramin Pourandarjani, a resident doctor at the detention facility who had examined some of the murdered detainees there and was himself murdered mysteriously, told Rooz that they demand their son’s murderer to be identified and prosecuted. The public relations office of the judiciary’s military tribunal announced yesterday that the trial of individuals accused of crimes related to the Kahrizak detention facility was being held behind closed doors, without revealing further details or the names of the defendants. In its statement, the public relations office announced, “The indictments for all defendants in the case, numbered at 12, were read and their charges and accusations were explained to them by the judge. Based on the military tribunal’s announcement, Saeed Mortazavi, who was identified by the Majlis special investigative committee as the main accused pepetrator in the Kahrizak case is not among the defendants. Police commanders Radan and Ahmadi-Moghaddam are the other officials who the public views to be the real perpetrators of the crimes committed at the facility.

Some of the individuals who have been released from the horrific detention site have testified that Radan was present at the detention facility during several torture sessions and played a direct role in the horrific crimes at the facility. The two commanders continue to occupy their posts in the Islamic Republic and are not among the defendants in the case. Meanwhile, the Kahrizak case does not include the complaint from the family of Ramin Pourandarjani, a doctor who died mysteriously while serving at Kahrizak. Officials had first announced the cause of death to be a heart attack and then a suicide. The coroner’s office finally announced that the young doctor had been poisoned to death. Ramin Pourandarjani’s father, Reza Gholi Pourandarjani, told Rooz that the latest response he received was the coroner’s report, which the Pourandarjani family view as unclear. He explained, “We filed a complaint and demand that the murderer be identified and prosecuted, and we will follow up on our complaint.” Ramin Pourandarjani’s father clarified, “The coroner’s office has said that Ramin was poisoned to death, but the coroner’s report is very ambiguous and we cannot accept this theory. They must explain how he was poisoned and who poisoned him?”