Sunday, February 14, 2010

Physical Assault and Attacks on Families of the Detainees

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Voice of America, Persian2English, H.R.D.A.I. /

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran (HRDAI) were informed that the families of the detainees who had gathered in front of Vozara Prison in Enghelab Square requesting the release of their loved ones, were violently attacked by special guards. On Thursday February 11th, the families of those arrested on the same day gathered in front of Vozara Prison to request the release of their loved ones. A colonel in the police force talked to the families and said that up to 1000 people who were arrested on February 11th had been brought to the prison, therefore it is impossible to give concrete answers to all the families. The families insisted that they would not leave until their loved ones were released. At this moment the mentioned colonel ordered an attack on the families and they were beaten by batons. People began shouting slogans including, “Barrater, how much were you paid to make arrests?” More than 200 people were standing in front of the prison. They continued their protest until 9:00pm. Many families who had gathered in front of Vozara Prison were asking for the release of the arrested girls and women. Their resistance resulted in the release of 40 girls and women. Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran condemn the vicious attacks and arrests of peace-seeking citizens. HRDAI asks the Secretary General and Human Rights High Commissioner to hold an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council to discuss and investigate the crimes committed against humans rights in the current regime of Iran.

Hossein Karoubi:
Today, we arrived at Ashrafi Esfahani Boulevard at 10:00am. There was a lot of traffic. Mr. Karoubi exited the car and moved toward the crowd of people. He was warmly greeted by the people. As we got close to the plaza, a crowd of plainclothes thugs attacked the people and started to brutally beat them. They even took out their daggers to inflict fear on the citizens. This time there were both police and plainclothes thugs helping each other. The police used tear gas and batons and the plainclothes agents used batons, cables, and tear gas to attack. A lot of tear gas got sprayed on Mr. Karoubi’s face, and his eyes, face, and chest still burn from it. About five minutes after the clashes, we asked a driver to drive Mr. Karoubi away from the area. As Mr. Karoubi was entering the car, plainclothes agents attacked the car and broke its windows. However, we were able to drive off (there was a driver). My brother was identified by the police and arrested. We still do not know where they took him. Also, several of Ayatollah Karoubi’s assistants who always follow him during such occasions were arrested and were asked to stop cooperating with Mr. Karoubi. People did not chant any radical slogans by the request of Mr. Karoubi and Mr. Mousavi. It was very shocking to see the peaceful protesters being treated so brutally by the police. On February 11, plainclothes agents and special forces brutally attacked Mehdi Karoubi and people surrounding him in Sadeghiyeh, Tehran. Ali Karoubi, one of Mehdi Karoubi’s sons who was accompanying him, tried to stop the plainclothes agents from hurting his father. He was detained and released later that night.