Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now I.R. Iran Admits it Already Enriched Uranium

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President Ahmadinejad now claims that Iran already has enriched some uranium to 20%. Ahmadinejad was having that enrichment done while conducting his on-again, off-again offer to have that uranium enriched by foreign countries, following security regulation. A bit of diplomatic deception on his part! Let that teach Westerners not to take Iranian government assertions and its few gestures of reconciliation as anything more than stalling for time. Will Iran’s defenders consider why Iran stalls for time? Obviously the stalling is to gain time to develop nuclear weapons. Otherwise, Iran’s conflict with the UN over nuclear development, and inducing sanctions against itself, are pointless. Speaking of deception, think of Arafat signing peace agreements while secretly assuring fellow Muslims that this is part of his phased plan for the conquest of Israel! He and the PLO pledged non-violence and negotiations for a final peace agreement without any restrictions on Jewish construction in the disputed Territories beforehand. Arafat and Abbas have violated their agreements. One of my readers, who called himself objective while larding his comments with epithets, never admits such wrongdoing by the Arabs. Palestinian Arabs have no excuse for their rock-throwing, contrary to what some of my readers think.

Those same readers who routinely call Israel “racist” and “apartheid” overlook Arab rock-throwing at Jews who purchased property in areas that the Palestinian Authority wants to control next. If that isn’t apartheid or akin to racism, what is? I have challenged such readers to show that Israel is racist, and that the Arabs are not, but they do not respond. They have no case. They just like to abuse a Jewish state. It is a form of Jew-bashing. They pretend to care about the Palestinian Arabs. When I cite examples of Arab leaders oppressing their people, those readers have no indignation left to spare for the Palestinian Arab people, whom they pretend to sympathize with. Making believe they care about Arabs is just a pretext for denouncing Jews. Although not all critics of Israel, including myself, are antisemites, what else could such hypocritical readers be? To such readers, perhaps I should explain that the name of the Jewish state is “State of Israel, not “racist Israel.” I give each new commenter a chance to disagree and debate. When it is clear that all the person wants to do is rave and denounce, not debate, and ignores the contents of my article and my debunking of his theories, and tries to make the controversy personal, I delete his comments. Some I delete automatically, now. I have given fair warning that the comment space is for adult discussion, not psychological venting.