Friday, December 11, 2009

My One Son is Buried and the Other Is in Prison

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Rooz Online English

On December 7th as Kamran Assa, the brother of Kianoosh Assa who died recently, tried to enter Elam va Sanaat University (Science and Industry) to participate in Student Day events, he was arrested by law enforcement agents. This is the university where Kianoosh was working for his Master’s degree in petrochemicals. On Student Day, students of this institution wanted to commemorate Koanoosh and so had invited his family members to join them. Kamran’s arrest took place less than six months after his brother’s death during a protest in Tehran’s Azadi circle. Fatemeh Fallah, Kianoosh and Kamran’s mother who mourns her dead son spoke with Rooz about Kamran and expressed her “deep” concern.

Rooz: When and how was Karman arrested?
Mrs. Fallah: He was arrested on December 7 between 10 and 11am at Elm va Sanaat University by law enforcement agents. This happened in the presence of one of our relatives who was Kianoosh’s friend. He was released the next day after providing a guarantee, but Kamran has been taken to Evin prison and this makes me very concerned.

Rooz: Had Kamran gone to Tehran for the December 7th commemoration?
Mrs. Fallah: Yes, students and Kianoosh’s classmates at the University had invited us to go and take part in the Student Day events when Kianoosh too was supposed to be remembered. As you know, Kianoosh was an outstanding student of this university and was in his last academic term in petrochemical engineering. I could not go to the event because of my illness but Kamran went there on behalf of the family. He had gotten a wreath and a picture of his brother and wanted to take them to the university but before he could even enter the campus, he was arrested along with his companions.

Rooz: Have you heard of Kamran’s situation? Do you know where he is?
Mrs. Fallah: No. Except for the first night when he contacted his sister and said that he was under arrest, we have not heard from him and do not know of his condition. But the person who was arrested with Kamran and released the next day said that they wanted to transfer Kamran and some others to Evin prison. I do not know why they did not release my son. What wrongful act has he done? All he wanted to do was to take part in the commemoration events for his brother at the university. He couldn’t even make it to the university before he was arrested. (Read more...)