Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Minor Offender M. Zamani and Four Others Were Executed

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Iran Human Rights

According to unofficial sources from Iran, Mosleh Zamani (20) was hanged in the Dizelabad prison of Kermanshah (western Iran) along with four unidentified people yesterday morning December 17. Mosleh Zamani was convicted of raping his girlfriend in 2006 when he was 17 years old. In an interview with BBC-Persian Mr. Zamani’s sister Sanaz Zamani confirmed the news and said that Saleh Samani’s girlfriend didn’t have any complaints against Mosleh and they even had a letter from the forensic medicine saying there was no sexual relationship between them. However she said that Mr. Zamani was convicted of "Shararat" where only three people from the village had signed. "Shararat" is a non specific term meaning "acts of evil" frequently used for disruption of law and order or inappropriate social behaviour! Mosleh is the fifth minor offender to be executed in Iran in 2009. Neither Iranian officials nor the satte run media mentioned news of yesterday’s executions in Kermanshah.

Iran Human Rights has no further details about the identity of the four others who were executed in Kermanshah yesterday. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights said: "We strongly condemn yesterdays executions by the Iranian authorities and hope that the EU and UN will condemn it as well and once again we urge UN to send a fact finding commision to Iran in order to investigate identities of the many people being executed everyday in Iran charged with "Moharebeh", "shararat" and immoral acts." He added: "Iran is one of the few countries still executing minor offenders despite ratification of UN’s Convention of the children’s rights. Unfortunately execution of children doesn’t seem to have high priority in the international politics and as long as the Iranian regime doesn’t face any practical consequences they will continue their dreadful practice of child execution". Amnesty International condemned execution of Mosleh Zamani in a public statement yesterday.