Friday, December 4, 2009

Madieh Golroo & Her Husband Arrested

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

The student activist and member of HRA, Madieh Golroo, was arrested and taken to Evin prison along with her husband Vahid La’lipoor. HRA- The Student’s Unit of HRA reports that Madieh Golroo and her husband Vahid La’lipoor were arrested and taken away after several agents raided their house this morning.

Golroo, who is a student activist and a member of HRA, was recently given a 1 year suspended prison term valid for 5 years. At 7 am today, around 10 agents raided the couple’s house and performed a house search that lasted 2 hours. They seized the couple’s computers, paintings and non political wall pictures, books, CDs, family pictures and other personal items.

After the two hour house search, the agents handcuffed Golroo and La’lipoor and took them to Evin Prison. La’lipoor is reportedly in the quarantine section of Evin but Golroo’s whereabouts remain unknown. Mahdieh Golroo has been sentenced to a 1 year suspended prison term for giving interviews to foreign media and writing articles aimed at showing a dark picture of the regime. The arrest comes as the judge in charge of the case had reportedly said to Golroo, “I hope that your sentence will not be enforced in the coming days.” Golroo is an expelled Allameh University student and a member of the Right to Education Council. She was arrested and detained in Evin once last year during a 4 day sit-in protest at Allameh University.