Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nabavi Condemned to 6 Years Prison & 800 Million Tomans Bail

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Committee of Human Rights Reporters

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Behzad Nabavi, Senior member of Revolution Mojahedin Organization, has been condemned to 5 years imprisonment because of participation in activities against the security of government and 1 year imprisonment because of propagation against the Islamic Republic of Iran from The lower court.

He was supposed to get released with the 800 million Tomans bail but after declaring the sentence of 6 years imprisonment along with submitting the bail, he could leave the prison for a 10 day furlough on Tuesday, Azar 4th with the permission of the Judge. Behzad Nabavi had been arrested on Khordad 23th for 1 day and got arrested again. Like other political activists, he was under pressure for television confessions during the detention but he resisted against the Investigators. Furthermore, this political activist’s dossier about keeping the Classified documents, is still open in district 15 of Islamic Revolution Court.