Sunday, November 1, 2009

Latest Reports on Prisoners

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

Jounalist and blogger, Hengameh Shahidi, had to be taken to the Evin prison clinic on the 7th day of her hunger strike, after her blood pressure dropped and she showed symptoms of flu. The head of Evin’s women’s Ward, Rezai, has asked Shahidi to officially notify Prison officials of her hunger strike. Shahidi has stopped taking food and medication since October 25th. Continuing the hunger strike could have dangerous consequences for Shahidi who has a myriad of heart problems and suffers from low blood pressure. Before her hunger strike started, Shahidi used to take 28 different pills a day. Fariba Pajooh, the other journalist who is on hunger strike was also taken to the Evin prison clinic yesterday after she caught flu. Pajooh started her hunger strike on the same day Shahidi begun hers, to protest her ongoing detention and uncertain situation. Abdollah Ramazan-Zadeh’s lawyer said his client has been individually indicted. Ramazan-Zadeh is a reformist activist and the vice president of the Islamic Participation Front. Regarding the latest developments in his client’s case, the defense lawyer, Abbas Shiri, said:”the Court has issued an individual indictment for Ramazan-Zadeh but no date has been set for the trial yet. Also the request to release Ramazan-Zadeh on bail was denied by the court”.

The trials for Majid Dorri and Mostafa Taj-Zadeh will be held next week. Taj-Zadeh is a member of central councils of both the Participation Front and Mojahedin Enghelab organizations. Majid Dorri is a student activist who has been indefinitely banned from higher education. Dorri’s trial will be held on November 24th 2009 at District 26 of the Revolutionary Court. Morteza Alviri was released on a $ 200,000 bail. Alviri was heading the committee set up by Mousavi and Karrubi to follow up on prisoners. A few websites and news sources had reported, earlier in the day, the release of Behzad Nabavi. However, the news was denied later by Nabavi’s lawyer, Sakeh Nik-Bakht. Nabavi’s family also denied the news and added that he was still in the hospital under the watch of prison guards. Nabavi was arrested on June 16th, 2009 and was one of the accused in the show trials. He has yet to be tried.

Following the mass summoning of principals of Sunnite religious schools by the Special Clerical Court in Sistan and Balouchestan provinces, several clerics have been arrested after appearing in court. They are named as:

1. Molana Osman, Sunnite Friday Imam of Khash and the Principal of Madinatol-Oloom school

2. Molana Mohammad-Esmail Zahi, the principal of Esha’a Altohid school in Zahedan

3. Molana Abdor-Rashid Shah-Navazi, the vice principal of Dorolhoda school in Khash.

Ali Sami-Zadeh was arrested on Saturday by agents from the Intelligence Ministry. Sami-Zadeh is a member of media committee of the Priticipation Front. He also worked for Yas-e-No and Sedaye-Edalat newspapers. Sami-Zadeh was arrested at his work and it is not clear who ordered the arrest.