Sunday, October 18, 2009

Three Minor Offenders at Immanent Risk of Execution

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Iran Human Rights

Less than a week since the execution of Behnood Shojaee, we have received reports about scheduled execution of several juvenile offenders in Iran. Mohammd Mostafaei, lawyer of Behnoud and many other minors on the death row in Iran wrote in a letter that several of his clients, the minor offenders Safar Angooti, Mohhamdreza Haddadi and Amir Amrollahi are at risk of execution during the coming week. Mohammad Mostafaei had earlier been informed that Safar Angooti is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday October 21. No exact date has been given for the execution of the other two juveniles offenders, but according to Mr. Mostafaei they could be executed in the coming week. Mr. Mostafaei wrote also in his letter that four other minor offenders Bahman Salimian (Isfahan), Abbas Hosseini (Mashad) and Rahim Ahmadi and Abbas Jahedi (both in Shiraz) are also at imminent risk of execution. UN, EU and the Norwegian government have condemned execution of Behnood Shojaee last Sunday. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human rights said:" It is positive that the world community condemns each time a minor is executed in Iran. But the question is what steps the UN , EU and the world community are going to take if Iran continues execution of the minors, the way they are doing right now? Condemnation (of the Iranian regime) is a positive step, but more sustainable pressure must be exerted on the Iranian authorities in order to save more than 140 minors who are on the death row in Iran."