Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Iranian Regime Is a Leader in Global Terrorism

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Prior to the Shah, bandits dominated Iran, literacy was one percent; and women were treated like cattle. But the Shah granted equal rights for women, protected minorities, and permitted religious freedom. Primarily using oil-generated wealth, he built roads, postal services, libraries, colleges, universities, electrical installations, and dams. He donated 500,000 acres of land to 25,000 farmers, made the country 90 percent self-sufficient in food production, created a stable national currency, and set up an educational foundation at his own expense. He planned construction of 18 nuclear-power plants. As a pro-American anti-communist, he provided a main barrier to Soviet advancement in the Middle East. He favored peace with Israel and supplied them with oil. This did not please the communist dominated United Nations and its U.S., British, and Russian supporters, including President Carter and Henry Kissinger. The Carter administration, Western Press, Soviet inspires insurgents, agent-provocateurs, propagandists, and demonstrators, conspired successfully to overthrow the Shah's government for a compliant U.S.-puppet dictatorship. Afterward, Russia invaded Afghanistan. The U.S. world-government establishment helped to bring to power this leading state sponsor of global terror it now claims to deplore. The rise of twentieth-century Russian Communism, its industry and military machine, like Communist China's, were primarily made possible, ironically, by U.S. capitalism's technology and finance. "Islamic terrorists" (a communist front organization), did not merely take a page from the Soviet Secret Police terrorist-handbook, they adopted the entire book under Russian (KGB/FSB) training. It states: "All warfare is based on deception," like the propaganda-myth of the demise of the Soviet Union, and "death of communism."