Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Danger of Arbitrary Executions in the Baluchestan Province

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Iran Human Rights

Following today’s bomb explosion in the Iranian Baluchestan province that led to killing of several high ranking revolutionary guard commanders, Iran Human Rights expresses strong concern regarding danger of new arbitrary executions in this province. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights said: " We have previously received several reports about arbitrary or even random executions in this province, after similar incidents." He added: "Following a bomb explosion in a mosque in Zahedan (capital of the Bluchestan province) in may 2009, which Jondollah (a militant sunni group) claimed responsibility of, three people identified as Zabihollah Naroui, Haji Noti Zahi and Gholam Rasoul Shahi were hanged in public convicted of involvement in the explosion. The execution took place less than 3 days after the explosion. Several reports indicate that none of these individuals were involved in the bombing, and two of them had no connection what so ever with the Jondollah movement."

Amiry-Moghaddam continued:" 13 people were hanged in Zahedan on 14. July 2009 convicted of connection with the same group. According to our reports none of these people were affiliated to Jondollah. One of them, identified as Manochehr Shahbakhsh, wasn’t even aware of that he was going to be executed, a day before the execution. He had been handed over by the Pakistani police to the Iranian authorities, for illegal entrance to Pakistan. He had no connection to Jondollah according to our reports." Iran Human Rights is concerned about possible arbitrary executions in Baluchestan in the coming weeks and asks the world community to do whatever they can in order to prevent this from happening.