Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Million Basijis Mobilized

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Rooz Online

While Basij commanders have announced that they are mobilizing 3 million people to participate in rallies in Tehran on November 4 and confront opposition protestors, yesterday the Association of Combatant Clergy, one of the main reformist groups, called on the public to participate in the day’s peaceful rallies. November 4 is the anniversary of the United States embassy takeover in Tehran, which has been named the “day of resistance against America.” The opposition seeks to turn the day into the day of resistance against the regime. Yesterday, head of the student Basij Commander Mohammad Saleh Jokar, told the Fars news agency, “3 million Basiji students will have an organized participation in our rally on the day of resistance against America.” Noting the “psychological warfare pursued about this day (November 4) by enemies of the regime,” Commander Jokar said, “A manipulated group of people want to abuse these opportunities and the enemy seeks to subvert revolutionary movements, but people will foil these conspiracies with their wisdom and awareness.”

In this connection, some time ago Commander Ali Fazli, head of the Seyyed al-Shohada brigade in Tehran had said, “The enemies have plans for November 4, about which we must be vigilant and aware.” His remarks were in response to the opposition’s call on the public to participate in November 4 protest rallies. In the latest call for the public’s participation, on Tuesday the Association of Combatant Clergy, an organization critical of the regime, of which seyyed Mohammad Khatami is also a member, invited the public to a peaceful and widespread participation in the November 4 rallies. This political group called on all Iranians “not to lose their calm even if subjected to violent attacks of violent-mongers.” The Association of Combatant Clergy’s call was issued as green movement supporters are utilizing all means, most importantly the Internet, to invite oppositions protesters to participate in the November 4 rallies.