Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suspended Student Summoned by Intelligence Ministry

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Human Rights Activists in Iran

The intelligence ministry branch in Isfahan summoned a suspended university student. Jamaleddin Rahmani was summoned yesterday by the information unit of intelligence ministry in Isfahan. Rahmani is a civil engineering student in Azad University of Dehaghan in Isfahan and a member of the HRAI. He was first arrested in 2008 by intelligence agents and was released from prison seven months ago after serving an eight month fixed prison term followed by 3 years of suspended term. Rahmani has been ordered to appear at the above said branch on Tuesday. The intelligence branch has not given any reasons for his summon. Rahmani had been previously sentenced to 8 months of fixed prison term followed by 3 years of suspended term. His charges at the time included propagating against the state, taking part in illegal student demonstrations and collecting signatures for the release of Farzad Kamangar. Following his release in January 2009, Rahmani went back to the university where he studied but was stopped from entering the campus by university guards. He has not been able to register for his courses thus far.